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Backyard Sugarin': A Complete How-To Guide
by Rink Mann, Daniel Wolf (Photographer)
ISBN: 0881502162ISBN-13: 9780881502169
Format: Paperback, 96pp
Publisher: The Countryman Press
This is the one book you need to start sugarmaking at home. Tremendous. Informative, easy to undersand, and perfect for beginners or moderate knowledge sap collectors and boilers.

From buying equipment to tapping your own trees to boiling the sap, this is the classic, best-selling guide to making maple syrup.This little book swept maple sugarin' buffs off their feet when it first appeared and is still the top-selling guide to the craft after nearly 30 years in print. Like the previous editions, this one tells you how you can make maple syrup right in your own backyard without having to build a sap house or buy buckets, holding tanks, evaporators and other expensive paraphernalia. Provides detailed "how-to" information, and makes some new and noteworthy revelations-including tips sugarers across the country have shared with the author.
The book has recieved rave reviews on Amazon!
Everything you need to know -- just add trees!, March 18, 2003
Rabbi Yonassan Gershom (Minnesota, USA) - See all my reviews This is the do-it-yourself book that got me started on that sweet rite of spring -- making my own maple syrup. The author's emphasis is on how to do it efficiently and very cheaply, using easy-to-find materials you can scrounge yourself. If you have the trees to tap, by all means get this book! (Hint: they don't have to be the sugar maple species. Try other maples as well. I get great syrup from box elders, which I considered "trash trees" until I learned they are in the maple family. Now I treasure them like gold.)
My own sugaring set-up is total simplicity: just some old refrigerator grates set on top of cinder blocks, heated with odd scraps of wood that others have thrown away at construction sites, etc. The sap is boiled down in flat baking pans, then finished off on the stove inside. Except for the initial expense to buy some professional spiles for tapping (you can make those, too, but I'm a failure as a tinsmith), I have spent ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the 3-4 gallons of syrup we make each year. Not a bad return for a book that I cost me less than ten bucks! Comment Was this review helpful to you?
Excellent Step by step guide for everybody, January 10, 2007
Michal Dusik "Miky" (Italy) - See all my reviews It doesnt matter if never made maple syrup and you are a newbie like me, or you are a pro. These simple techniques will explain to you how and why make excellent maple syrup. Lots and lots of good advice from somebody that really knows the sugarin process in the backyard. This also means that you can make your own syrup without spending a fortune but buying simple little things or reusing everyday use things for the whole process. Its more of a dialogue of your grandpa teaching you than a guide.
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Great guide, December 26, 2006
M. Land "Landslyde Shelties" (CT, USA) - See all my reviews We have a 300+ year old sugar maple in our back yard. For the past few years we have tapped it each spring and boiled down the sap for the best maple syrup! This wonderful little "how-to guide" has given us a lot of pointers and info we were not aware of before. Easy to read and understand too. Just a nice little reference book.
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Excellent starter book., October 2, 2004
Robert H. Schook (Central Michigan) - See all my reviews I remember fondly the early Michigan spring from my childhood, helping my father collect sap. This more than anything fueled my desire to make my own syrup. This book, Rink Mann's "Backyard Sugarin'" is an excellent book to get you off without breaking your back or your bank account. The author has a delightful writing style that is thoroughly engrossing. The book is well illustrated, full of ideas and rock solid on exactly when, how and what to tap, and exactly how to process all that sap. I highly recomend this book. Even if you don't live in sugar country you will enjoy this book.

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Great intro to ultra cheap sugaring!, February 1, 1999
Reviewer: A readerThis book has an overarching philosophy - keep it simple and keep it cheap! The authors describe everything you need to know and stress not having to pay for anything you can get for free. This quest for free stuff that works well is one of the pleasures of hobby sugaring. Well written descriptions of all the processes. Lots of photos. Reading it makes you wish the sap would start flowing NOW! Highly recommended