Sunday, March 25, 2007

Maine Maple Sunday A Family Affair

Web Editor: Caroline Cornish, Reporter
Created: 3/25/2007 5:01:43 PM
Updated: 3/25/2007 7:24:05 PM
WCSH-TV Portland, Maine

Most of Maine's maple syrup producers opened their sugar houses to the public today as part of Maine Maple Sunday. One place taking part is Grandpa Joe's Sugar House in North Baldwin, where three generations make syrup together.

The Mckenney family had been making small amounts of syrup for years and years, but fifth generation syrup-maker Ben Mckenney really got stuck on the process when he tried it for a science project in school. He saved up money for an evaporator and for the past 14 years, he, his father and his grandfather have been running Grandpa Joe's together.Ben Mckenney said, "I think we like to interact with the people because we have the same people year after year. The same customers. It's a good deal for all of us."Grandpa Joe's is named for Ben's great great grandfather.

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