Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association Has a Great Website

This is a great website. There's all kinds of information about the history of syrup, places to go, events, suppliers, and how to make your own maple syrup. This is a one stop shop.

Founded in 1893, the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association is the oldest known agricultural organization in the country. While the Vermont maple industry has changed over the past 100 years, its mission, to safeguard the tradition of maple sugarmaking while maintaining the highest standards possible in the production of pure maple products, has not. The VMSMA works with local, state, federal and international agencies and organizations to protect the integrity of pure maple syrup worldwide.

This website is chock-a-block with recipes, places to stay in Vermont and visit. This website also has information for teachers on educating K-8th grade about maple sugaring. Whether you're a native Vermonter or some one who's going to visit Vermont, or someone who just wants to know more about maple syrup, this is one of the best websites out there.

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